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Upgrades, Registration & Licenses


If you have a copy of UCINET 5 you can upgrade to UCINET 6 for free. Just download UCINET 6 and send an email to in order to get a registration code.

If you have a registered copy of UCINET 6 you can download the latest versions any time. You will not be asked for a registration code as long you install the new download to the same machine as your existing registered copy. If you install on a new machine, it will want a registration code.


Registration codes are time sensitive. A code given to you two months ago won't work -- you need to write to to get a new one.

To apply your registration code, start up UCINET, go to Help|Registration and enter the code you were given.


You are allowed to install UCINET on more than one machine for your personal use. For example, you can put it on your office machine, your home machine and your laptop.



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