Case Remarks
Elizabeth Parker
  • This case is based on the Elizabeth Best case from HBSP. It does not seem to be available for purchase yet. Since Harvard owns the intellectual property for this case, I think it would be right to purchase to Elizabeth Best from HBSP ( (A) & (B) ). Just remember we will actually be discussing Elizabeth Parker (although the differences are slight).
  • What accounts for Elizabeth's success in A?
  • How does the situation in B different from the situation in A?
  • What strategy should she use to meet her deadline in B?
Abelli and Saviotti at Banca Comerciale Italiana (A).

  • What do the maps at the end of the case tell you about the situation confronting Abelli and Saviotti?
  • Who are the key players in the pro-Unicredito coalition and the pro-Banca Intesa coalition?
  • What are the sources of power and vulnerabilities of the key players?
  • What can Abelli & Saviotti do to improve chances of closing the EuroBanca deal?
  • How would MedioBanca respond?
Jan Carlzon (A)

  • What were the key problems SAS was facing?
  • What did Carlzon do to turn things around?
  • How would you compare with Creech's style & philosophy?]

  • Should NASA have launched or not?
  • What was the rational thing to do? Try calculating relative payoffs of launching vs not launching.
  • How does history affect decisions today?
Colonial Food Services & related cases
  • Colonial Food Services [HBSP]
  • Eugene Kirby. [HBSP]
  • James Cranston. [HBSP]


  • What are Cranston's goals in this performance appraisal?
  • Are they developmental or performance related?
  • In light of Beer's recommendations, how should Cranston approach Kirby in this interview?]
Erik Peterson
  • In order of priority, what steps would you take if you were in Peterson's shoes?
  • What should Peterson's agenda be for his meeting with Knight?
Arthur Johnson


  • What should Michael Anderson do? What would you do if you were John Thayer? What responsibility does Arthur Johnson have? What responsibility is he willing to assume?


  • What did Baker do right in running his task force?
  • What could have been done better?
The Smile Factory
  • This is really an article that we treat as a case. The reference is

    Van Maanen, J. 1990. The smile factory: Work at Disneyland. In P. J. Frost, L. F. Moore, M. Louis, C. Lundberg, & J. Martin (Eds.), Reframing Organizational Culture: 55-76. Sage Publications.

  • What accounts for Disney's success in theme parks? How well would the "Disney way" translate to other organizations?
Liar's Poker
  • [paperback]
  • How would you assess the fit of the organizational culture with elements of the formal organization?
  • What theories of employee performance and motivation are embedded in their culture?
  • Should Merck invest in Campbell's ideas?