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PURPOSE To create a group indicator vector based on comparing two vectors or a vector and a number.

DESCRIPTION Given a vector of attributes or values for every actor and a threshold number then this routine selects actors which are have a value which is less than (or greater than) the threshold. More generally the threshold can itself be a vector so that actors are selected if they have a value less than (or greater than) the value in the corresponding cell in the threshold vector. An example of using two vectors would be the selection of actors whose closeness centrality is less than their degree centrality.  

Variable 1:
Name of file from which contains value or attribute vector this must be a UCINET data file. Enter the filename followed by ROW (or COL) and a number to specify which row or column of the file to use.

Relational Operator
Criterion by which to compare the actor values or attributes.
Choices are:
LT -Less than
LE -Less than or equal to
EQ -Equal to
NEQ -Not equal to 
GE -Greater than or equal to
GT -Greater than

Variable 2
The threshold value or vector. If a single value is required then this can be typed in directly. Vectors must be specified using a UCINET data file, enter the filename followed by ROW (or COLUMN) and a number to specify which row or column of the file to use.
Output dataset (Default = 'SELECTED')
Name of file to contain group indicator matrix. This will be a single column vector with selected actors having a 1 and non-selected actors having a 0.

LOG FILE Displays the group indicator vector.


COMMENTS The group indicator vector can be used in routines such as Extract