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UCINET Version Information



Version Date Description
6.232 08 Aug 09
  • Added new routine Data|Sort Alphabetically. Allows you to sort rows/columns/levels of a dataset based on labels of the rows/columns/levels
  • Added new function to spreadsheet editor. Under "file" in the spreadsheet menu, there is an entry called "insert columns from file". This lets you read in a new dataset and join it to the dataset you already looking at. This is handy for continually adding new variables to a dataset, say, one called "attribs".
  • Added new function to matrix algebra package. Called "recode", it is used to recode values of a matrix. Syntax is as follows:

    -><outfile> = recode(<infile> <oldvalue> <newvalue>)

    for example, this changes all zeros to missing values in a dataset called campnet:

    ->campnet2 = recode(campnet 0 missing)
  • Fixed bug in DL Editor which was causing crashes when saving files
  • Made some minor improvements to matrix algebra command window
  • fixed bug causing Networks|Egonet|Egonet Change routine to crash
6.230 04 Aug 09
  • Added new routine to compute multiple types of centrality. Find it at Networks|Centrality|Multiple measures (New)

6.229 19 Jul 09
  • Added new interactive CONCOR routine to Networks|Roles & Positions|Structural|Concor
6.228 15 Jul 09
  • Added Markov Clustering algorithm to Networks|Subgroups. I was skeptical but it works really well. Does a great job of telling you how many clusters there are.
    • Implemented both a regular and sparse matrix version. They get different answers for large datasets -- presumably a rounding issue
6.227 12 Jul 09
  • Replaced Tools|Scaling|Eigenvectors routine with a new one. The old would only produce first eigenvector. The new produces all, and handles non-symmetric matrices (which may result in complex eigenvalues and vectors).
6.226 10 Jul 09
  • New routine under Networks|Egonets|Brokerage Elasticity. The dyadic output is meant to show what would be the effect on ego's brokerage score of adding/removing each possible tie from an ego network. Node level output shows the net effect on brokerage of each tie that was in fact added/dropped at T2
6.225 9 Jul 09
  • A few fixes in Networks|Centrality|Alpha Centrality (Bonacich Power)
    • Changed "get alpha" routine to double precision to avoid rounding error
    • Added warnings when diagonal values are not constant or not zero
    • Changed the way row sums are calculated in the routine so as to include the diagonal
6.224 6 Jul 09
  • Added Networks|Egonets|Change routine. Given network at two time periods (stored in a single dataset with two matrices), it counts number of ties gained, lost, kept etc. and records whether contacts in each of these categories had ties with the alters in the T1 ego network.
  • Fixed GINV to not require square matrices.
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Egonets|Honest Broker|Longitudinal so that both output matrices are now being saved.
6.223 4 Jul 09
  • Added longitudinal honest broker routine
6.221 22 Jun 09
  • Small changes in the registration routine
  • Changed name of tools|similarities routine slightly to make it clearer
6.220 12 Apr 09
  • Added experimental power routine to Networks|Centrality|LBK power.
6.219 10 Apr 09
  • Updated excel import to include .xslx files (Office 2007)
  • Fixed bug causing problems when importing excel files that contained empty sheets
  • added clarifying language to registration dialogue
6.217 29 Mar 09
  • New registration system installed.
  • Program will now ask for User id. If you don't have one, just enter your name.
6.216 23 Feb 09
  • Added additional data format to the set that Data|Import via spreadsheet|DL type formats can handle. The new format is a 2-mode, 3-way edgelist
6.215 17 Feb 09
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Egonets|Structural Holes which was causing the calculation of ego-betweenness to blow up.
6.214 6 Feb 09
  • Changed the way browse buttons deliver filename. Now, if the file's filepath matches the current folder, the program presents only the filename. But if the user had browsed away from current folder, then it retains full pathname.
  • Fixed bug in the writing of filenames in the logfile. It had been repeating part of the filename
6.212 1 Feb 09
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Ego Networks|Structural Holes that was causing program to run out of memory with networks of around 12K nodes. Now it runs larger networks quite fast. Also fixed bug preventing egobetweenness output in the same program
6.211 11Jan 09
  • Fixed bug in Options|Helper Applications, preventing retention of the setting for the text editor across ucinet sessions.
  • Fixed another bug in Helper Applications that was losing the location of Mage and Pajek
  • Fixed bug in Visualization menu that prevented Mage and Pajek from running.
6.210 11Jan 09
  • Added new routine Networks|Triad Census. This counts the frequency of all 16 possible triads in a digraph
  • Added new routine Data|Extract|Subgraph Via Attribute Vector. This provides a convenient way to extract a sub-network based on a node property, such gender = 1, or betweenness > 0.
6.207 07 Nov 08
  • Fixed bug in new routine Networks|Ego Networks|CSS Brokerage. When the user chose to define ego networks in terms of both the "true" and the perceived networks, the program was incorrectly assuming that there were ego-alter ties in both networks
  • Added Cohen's Kappa for measuring intercoder reliability to Tools|Similarities routine
6.206 01 Nov 08
  • New routine Networks|Ego Networks|CSS Brokerage. Given both a CSS and a "true" network, counts number of structural holes that exist in both true and perceived networks, just true network, just perceived network, and so on. Concept developed by Scott Soltis
  • Modified Data|CSS routine to add appropriate suffix to output file name
6.205 20 Oct 08
  • UCINET unchanged, but the install package contains updated NetDraw
6.205 13 Oct 08
  • Fixed bug in tools|dissimilarities|gps/gis. Now the browse buttons work
6.204 02 Oct 08
  • Fixed important bug in networks|cohesion|distance which was getting the wrong number for average distance when analyzing large matrices
6.203 01 Oct 08
  • Changed Data|Export|DL to allow pagewidth to exceed 32767 (and changed the default width to 1,000,000 effectively preventing the output file from having multiple lines per record)
  • Changed default tie strength from 0 to 0.0001
6.202 09 Sep 08
  • Fixed bug in main toolbar that disabled the Netdraw button
6.201 08 Sep 08
  • Fixed bug in networks|ego networks|structural holes procedure which was sometimes causing it to refuse to run.
  • Added button to toolbar for importing text via spreadsheet interface
6.200 2 Sep 08
  • Fixed important bug in the Data|Import via spreadsheet|DL type formats procedure. It had been ignoring the "force symmetry" option. No longer.
6.199 22 Aug 08
  • Change in the Options|Register procedure to allow users without administrator rights to register the program
6.198 5 Aug 08
  • No change in program itself, just a change in the installation procedure. Should enable administrators to set up UCINET for users
6.198 29 July 08
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Ego Networks|Structural Holes // Restricted Model procedure. It was giving a floating point error for egos with only one alter.
6.197 28 July 08
  • Fixed bug in handling of scratch folders causing "Can't open file xxxx\output.log" error. Problem was fixable by user by going to options|scratch folder and changing to any folder user has permission to write to
6.196 27 July 08
  • Fixed bug in Data|Import Excel|Multiple DL which was giving errors when inputting edgelist data with only 2 columns.
  • Replaced textual output (logfile) browser with user's preferred text editor (which defaults to the Windows Notepad).
  • Changed default scratch folder (where logfiles are written) to the Windows TEMP directory. This should make things smoother for people who don't have write access to their Program Files folder
6.195 25 July 08
  • Added new data import procedure Data|Import Excel|Multiple DL type formats. It allows you to import Excel files that are formatted as nodelists, edgelists, etc. You can also simply cut and paste or enter data directly into a spreadsheet.
6.194 22 July 08
  • Added 2-mode centrality measures: Networks|Centrality|2-mode
6.193 19 July 08
  • Numerous small fixes
  • Changed DATA|JOIN procedure to allow resizing window and to remove distracting ".##h" from file names.
  • Changed Networks|Cohesion|Reciprocity to add two new columns of measures, as well as correct the documentation printed in the log file
  • ALT-Backspace key now sends you to the last run routine. At least, most of the time.
  • Now Options|Helper Applications includes an entry for specifying what text editor to use (e.g., when the user presses the "pencil" button on the toolbar). The default is Windows Notepad
6.191 18 June 08
  • Fixed important bug in Data|Import|DL routine which was failing to import FULLMATRIX files that had no labels
6.189 1 Jun 08
  • Added eigenvector routine for directed data
  • changed name of Bonacich Power routine to Alpha Centrality / Bonacich Power
  • Fixed bug in dialog window for Networks|cohesion|homophily
  • added
6.186 14 Apr 08
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Centrality|Closeness in the reversed distances (Valente & Foreman) routine which was giving incorrect group centralization scores.
6.184 22 Mar 08
  • No change, but someone reported not being able to download the program
6.184 07 Mar 08
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Cohesion|Density|Density by Attributes which was not allowing choosing different attributes.
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Cohesion|Density|Overall Density which did not have browse buttons implemented.
6.182 07 Feb 08
  • Fixed bug in Transform|Union, which was allowing long filenames to wrap, causing the program to misunderstand filenames.
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Cohesion|Density|by Attributes that was causing a crash after finishing all calculations
6.181 14 Jan 08
  • Finished changes to Networks|Cohesion|Krackhardt GTD routine so that all measures are appropriate for disconnected graphs.
6.180 13 Jan 08
  • Changed Networks|Cohesion|Krackhardt GTD routine so that LUB measure works with multiple components. MOre to be done here
  • Added routines under Data for matching datasets via node labels. For example, if you have a network dataset and a corresponding attribute dataset, but the rows of the attribute dataset are in a different order than the rows/columns of the network dataset, you can run either Data|Match Network and Attributes or Data|Match Multiple Datasets to sort them both in the same order.
  • Data|Match Multiple Datasets can also be used to sort a single dataset into alphabetical order based on node label
6.178 9 Dec 07
  • Changed text area in double-dekker mrqap procedure to stop wrapping filenames
  • Added ability to enter "+" in default folder field at bottom of main window to indicate your "my documents" folder. For example, if you have a folder called Data under My Documents, you could type this:


instead of having to type something like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\data

This works in Vista as well.

6.177 27 Nov 07
  • Changed help viewer to html-based viewer that works with Vista.
  • Fixed bug in Transform|Matrix Ops|Within Datasets|Cell Transformations that was saving the output ##d file in a different folder from the associated ##h file
6.174 04 Nov 07
  • Changed algorithm used to calculate eigenvalue in the GETBETA function of Networks|Centrality|Power procedure. The old algorithm failed when a matrix had multiple eigenvalues with the same absolute value. The new algorithm always works.
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Regions|K-core routine which was giving wrong values for coreness (it was delivering 1+ the correct value in most cases).
6.173 03 Nov 07
  • Added feature to Networks|Egonet|Structural Holes to enable defining ego network according to incoming, outgoing or both kinds of ties. Also fixed bug causing Efficiency scores to not be missing values when degree was zero.
6.171 12 Oct 07
  • Improved dialog box for selecting default folder
  • Fixed bug in the way UCINET opened NetDraw
6.170 (sic) 12 Sept 07
  • Added procedure Networks|Ego Networks|Concentration. Given a network and a 1/0 attribute vector, the procedure calculates, for each ego, the number of pairs of alters that (a) are tied and (b) involve a given type of alter (based on the attribute vector). For example, if men are coded 1 and women 0, it measures the extent to which an ego's alters are connected to the men in the ego network
  • Fixed bug in Data|Extract dialogue window which was inserting file information in the wrong edit box
6.170 01 Sept 07
  • Added options to Transform|Bipartite so that row and column entity labels can be given distinctive prefixes
6.169 28 Aug 07
  • Added new procedure Networks|Ego Networks|Honest Broker that computes the Kilduff and Mehra honest broker index. Essentially, an honest broker is a node who is trusted by two third parties that don't trust each other. The measure is a count of the number of pairs of alters for whom ego serves as an honest broker
6.166 17 July 07
  • Fixed bug in the way UCINET interfaces with MAGE. Previously, there were problems when there were long filenames containing spaces
6.164 10 Jun 07
  • Temporary fix made in Tools|Consensus analysis to allow calculation of probabilities of right answer in answer key when there are a large number of respondents
6.163 27 May 07
  • Added new betweenness procedure called Proximal Betweenness. A person has high proximal betweenness if they are often the final intermediary along a short path -- in other words, a person that others receive information directly from
6.162 22 May 07
  • Fixed bug in Transform|Matrix|Between files|Statistical summaries. When adding filenames via the browse button, long filenames were wrapping, making them impossible to read. This no longer occurs
  • NOTE:  The "AVERAGE" function in Tools|Matrix Algebra as been renamed AAVG
6.157 15 Apr 07
  • Changed Networks|Egonets|Egonet Strength to allow defining ego network in terms of outgoing ties only, incoming ties only, both outgoing and incoming, and reciprocated ties only.
  • Fixed bug in UNPACK procedure which was putting the wrong matrix label in the output datasets
6.156 09 Apr 07
  • Fixed bug in new procedure Networks|Egonets|Egonet Strength which was incorrectly including reflexive ties in the calculations, and (for non-valued) data, was incorrectly averaging by dividing by the total number of nodes rather than degree
  • Fixed bug in matrix algebra DIAGONAL function
6.154 02 Apr 07
  • Added new procedure Networks|Egonets|Egonet Strength. It calculates the average attribute value of each ego's alters. For example, you can calculate the average centrality of each person's neighbors.
6.153 05 Mar 07
  • Added simple Frequencies procedure to Tools menu
  • Fixed bugs in Core/Periphery|Continuous program so that (a) it now allows users to change name of output partition file, and (b) includes node labels in the partition file
6.151 28 Feb 07
  • Fixed bug in "count combinations" procedure which was causing output file to overwrite input file.
6.147 04-Feb-07
  • Changed Data|Egonet procedure so that it would regard missing values as non-ties
  • Changed networks|egonets|structural holes procedure:
    • Now outputs node degree and ego-betweenness
    • Default option is now ego model rather than whole network model, which affects the constraint procedure
    • added option for determining what value is given for constraint measure when degree is zero
6.146 28-Jan-07
  • Added INTERSECTION procedure to Transform menu. A complement to the UNION procedure, it takes multiple networks as input, finds the nodes that are present in all of them, and outputs networks with just those nodes
  • Added TIME STACK procedure to Transform menu. This procedure takes a collection of separate datasets with nodes in common (such as a network sampled at multiple points in time in which nodes appear and disappear), builds a single multidimensional matrix with all nodes that have ever appeared.
  • Added some capabilities to the spreadsheet editor to facilitate selecting, inserting and deleted rows and columns
  • In the spreadsheet editor, removed the ability to highlight a column by simply clicking on its first row
6.145 13-Jan-07
  • Added "DIST" command to matrix algebra procedure. Allows you to compute geodesic distances on unvalued graphs & digraphs. If the dataset you give it has multiple relations, it will compute distance matrix for each relation. Example:
    -->distmat = dist(sampson)
    This would run geodesic distances on each relation in the Sampson dataset, and place the results in a dataset called "distmat".
  • Fixed bug in Double-Dekker regression which caused crashes on some computers
6.143 21-Dec-06
  • New installation program for UCINET. With this version of UCINET, the directory locations for UCINET and other Analytic Technologies programs have changed. The new locations are a bit more rational. However, there is a down side, which is that if you want this new version to replace your old one, you must uninstall the old one first. If you donít uninstall the old one, you will end up with two versions of UCINET, and any shortcuts you may have created will call up the old version rather than the new. So, we recommend uninstalling the old version before installing this one.
  • Fixed bug in Data|Subgraphs from Partitions. The automatically generated default output filename prefix was wrong -- it included a file extension and shouldn't have.
6.142 11-Dec-06
  • Fixed recently introduced bug in Random Graphs|Erdos Renyi that was placing all ties in upper left quadrant of network.
  • Modified installation program. More modifications to come. This may result in the program not being able to find NetDraw. If this happens, go to Options|Helper Applications and select Netdraw entry. Use browse button to find the netdraw program. It is probably located here:  c:\program files\analytic technologies\netdraw. ONce you find the folder, just click on netdraw.exe and from then on UCINET should be able to find it again.
6.141 02-Dec-06
  • Fixed bug in Qap Regression interface that was preventing choosing multiple independent variables, one after another.
  • Added additional output to Transform|Union to save vector indicating which original network a node was drawn from
6.139 02-Nov-06
  • Changed options in hierarchical clustering to include two kinds of average link clustering -- one that is weighted by cluster size and one that is not.
  • Fixed bug in the weighted average clustering. It had been weighting by the new size of the cluster (after merging) when it should have weighted by the old size.
  • Fixed bug in spreadsheet that caused occasional "read past end of file" messages
  • Fixed bug in Data|Attribute that created a default output dataset name that was not sensible.
  • Fixed bug in Transform|Recode that caused intermittent failures to create output file
6.138 02-Oct-06
  • Changed spreadsheet so that clicking on top left cell would not highlight entire column
6.137 11-Sept-06
  • Changed Transform|Block and Networks|Cohesion|Density to accept "Identity" as a response to a prompt asking for row or column partition. This makes it convenient to calculate things like the number of ties that each node has to women and (separately) to men.
6.136 9 Sept 06
  • Fixed bug in Data|egonet procedure, which was failing to save the ego net on disk (instead, it was saving the whole network).
6.135 16 July 06
  • Fixed bug in help system that was preventing program from finding its help file
  • Added frequency counts to the output of the Networks|Cohesion|Distance procedure
6.133 14 July 06
  • Fixed bug in handling of filenames with spaces in them. Was causing two sets of full quotes to put around filenames.
6.132 13 July 06
  • Fixed bug in Data|Join procedure creating output datasets with thousands of matrices.
6.131 11 July 06
  • Fixed bug in Networks|Regions|Components|Valued which caused incorrect dendrogram when a solution resulted in the identity partition (where each node is in a class by itself). However, the saved HIPART matrix was always correct.
6.130 4 July 06
  • Fixed calculation of the average permutation table in Relational Contingency table procedure
  • Fixed full quoting of pathnames in several procedures including Data|Attribute
  • Added option in Simmelian ties routine to allow outgoing ties only or require reciprocal ties
  • Added output options to the QAP correlation routine
6.127 27 June 06
  • Minor changes to export routine
6.126 06 June 06
  • A few changes to dialogs in order to encapsulate filenames in full quotes.
6.125 27 May 06
  • Added new facility for cross-tabbing matrices (e.g., social relations) against each other. Includes qap-based chi-square and correlation coefficients. Find it under Tools|Testing Hypotheses|Dyadic|QAP Relational Crosstabs
6.123 19 May 06
  • Added new QAP Correlation routine to the main menu. Missing values are handled differently with respect to significance (p-values) and standard errors. In the old qap routine, the significance was based on Hubert's Gamma, which gives identical significances as correlation in the case of no missing values, but gives different values when missing values are present. Another advantage of the new routine is that it accepts more than two input matrices (and computes correlations among all possible pairs).
6.121 17 May 06
  • Added QAP routine to Matrix Algebra facility. Syntax is as follows:

    --> qap "dataset1"  "dataset2"  "dataset3" ...

    Notice that if you include more than two datasets in the list, it will run qap correlation between all pairs of matrices. Also, if the dataset names contain spaces, you should enclose them in full quotes. Otherwise, the full quotes are not necessary
6.118 23 April 06
  • Cosmetic changes to Dichotomize and Symmetrize procedures
  • Changed Networks|Cohesion|GTD procedure to automatically disregard self-loops (diagonal of adjacency matrix)
6.117 1 April 06
  • Fixed Permute function. When permuting order of matrices in a dataset, it was ignoring permutations of the rows and columns.
6.116 27 March 06
  • Fixed bug in edge betweenness program which caused it to round all figures to nearest integer on saving. Printed values were unaffected as was the hierarchical decomposition
6.115 26 March 06
  • Changed export to Pajek to include error message when attempting to export 2-mode data
  • Changed name of default output file for bipartite procedure
6.114 23 March 06
  • Added routine to matrix algebra to intersect graphs. Syntax is: <outdataset> = INTERSECT(<indataset1> <indataset2> ....). For example:  Y = INTERSECT(TIME1 TIME2 TIME3). The input is a set of networks. The output is a single dataset with multiple relations. The nodes are just those nodes that are found in all of the input datasets.
6.113 23 March 06
  • Changed installation package. Thanks to Rich DeJordy, I think we have finally ironed out issues with upgrading to a new version so that you do NOT need to uninstall the old version (what a pain!).
6.113 19 March 06
  • Changed method of scaling factor analysis scores to match SPSS. Also corrected a minor bug in their calculation.
  • Enabled factor analysis routine to handle missing values
6.112 19 March 06
  • Changed default output names for most procedures in the Data and Transform menus
6.111 18 March 06
  • Fixed problem in cohesion|reciprocity routine that caused crashes when using a partition.
6.110 9 March 06
  • Changed structural holes routine so that it would output dyadic statistics for large datasets as well as small ones
  • Fixed bug in data|attribute causing it to prepend "from" to the default output file name, which screwed it up sometimes
6.109 13 January 06
  • Some cosmetic changes
6.108 12 January 06
  • Fixed bug in export to Pajek that caused crashes when not all fields where filled in.
6.107 27 December 2005
  • Added consensus analysis to Tools menu
  • Fixed interface to double-dekker qap regression so it would have less trouble with pathnames containing spaces
6.103 23 October 2005
  • Fixed bug in the reading of dataset titles that caused some crashes
  • Altered Dichotomize to output a little more information
6.102 19 October 2005
  • Fixed bug in factor analysis program which was putting case labels where variable labels should have been when inputting 2-mode data
  • Added feature to VNA import so that user could identify missing values
6.101 12 October 2005
  • Installation package now allows upgrades as well as new installations.
6.98 05 September 2005
  • Fixed Non-metric MDS routine when using Metric starting configuration. Thanks to Rich DeJordy for pointing this out.
6.97 24 August 2005
  • QAP regression updated to reflect the latest method by Dekker, Krackhardt and Snijders. It is called "double-Dekker semi-partialling".
6.96 16 August 2005
  • Changed Data|Attribute dialogue box so that it no longer prefixes "from-" in the output file name
6.90 1 July 2005
  • Fixed bug in E-I index procedure. In printing output from permutations, the values for internal and external ties were swapped. This was only a printing problem and did not affect the calculation of significance. Thanks to "analysisrussell" for pointing this out.
  • This installation package includes NetDraw 2.9
6.89 29 June 2005
  • Some routines modified so that browsing for files automatically puts full quotes around the file name in dialogue windows. Without the full quotes, routines that expect input in the form of filename-space-dimension-space-integer get confused if the filename contains spaces. So if you put quotes around the filename, the program knows it is all one object. IMPORTANT NOTE: if you type the filename in yourself, the program will not automatically supply quotes.
6.88 23 June 2005
  • New installer implemented. Before downloading this version, you should uninstall the old version by using the Windows uninstaller (go to start|control panel|add/remove programs). Datafiles will not be removed by the uninstall.
  • The new version handles multiple users of the same machine better, through making better choices of where to put things in the Windows registry. However, installation does require having administrator rights.
6.87 30 May 2005
  • Ok, this time I actually did change the default value of DisplayFullPathNames to True.
  • Added support for three new DL formats for 3-dimensional datasets:
    • EDGELIST3. This is like edgelist2 except there are three columns that identify nodes: the row ids, the col ids, and to relation ids, as in
      labels embedded
      matrix labels embedded
      george event1 year2005 22.5
      george event1 year2006 0.0
      billy event3 year2006 1.0
    • EDGEARRAY2. This is like edgearray1 except for 2-mode data, as in:
      matrix labels:
      year2005, year2006
      george event1 22.5 0.0
      billy event3 na 1.0
    • LAURA. This format was built for Laura Savoia. It's like this:
                  year05 year06
      george  team1  team1
      billy      none    team3
  • In Jan 2005 degree centralization calculation was modified to yield values between 0 and 1 for valued data. Now (thanks to prodding by Giancarlo Oriani), I've extended the same change to the normalized degree centrality values. So all of these are just their old values divided by the largest edge value in the network.
  • Fixed bug in structural holes dialog window in which it would only calculate full network constraint if the user specifically chose full network option. Otherwise it was calculating ego network constraint even if the dialogue window showed "full network". However, all outputs were always correctly labeled.
6.86 21 May 2005
  • Changed default value of DISPLAYFULLPATHNAMES option to true. This allows ucinet to easily navigate to different folders without getting confused.
  • Added normalization option to affiliations procedure to allow dividing number of co-memberships by smaller of the two events. Also added ability to run multiple matrices at one time
6.85 5 Apr 2005
  • Fixed bug in Data|Remove Pendants which caused a crash when removing pendants removed all nodes in the network. Also hooked up the browse buttons.
  • Reorganized Networks menu. Still changing.
  • Modified Relational Contingency Table analysis procedure to allow non-symmetric data
6.81 26 Feb 2005
  • Fixed bug in Degree Centrality (asymmetric model) which was scrambling the labels when writing out to file.
  • Fixed bug in hierarchical clustering (introduced yesterday) which caused crashes.
6.80 25 Feb 2005
  • Minor bug fixes in displays of tools|cluster|moca and tools|cluster|hierarchical clustering
8 Feb 2005
  • PERMUTE. Changed permute so that if you set the row permutation to RANDOM and set the column permutation to SAME AS ROWS, you permute both the rows and columns in the same random order (previously the rows and columns were randomized independently)
  • UNION. Added option to allow adding up ties that are in common across two networks that share some nodes. So if network A has a tie between Billy and Johnny, and network B also shows a tie between Billy and Johnny, the new network will have a 2 for the relationship between Billy and Johnny.
6.77 4 Feb 2005
  • Changed structural holes procedure to (a) handle larger datasets, and (b) include an alternative method of calculating structural holes
6.76 31 Jan 2005
  • Changed how the degree centrality program calculates centralization on valued data. Now, the centralization value is divided by the maximum value in the input dataset, this ensures that it runs between 0 and 100%
6.75 26 Jan 2005
  • Fixed bug in spreadsheet -- previously, if you clicked on main window while in the spreadsheet, it reset the spreadsheet (clearing all cells).
  • Added row and column indicator to spreadsheet. It can also be used to go to a particular cell.
  • Fixed bug in data|export|excel that caused problems exporting datasets with multiple relations to excel on some systems.
  • Changed dichotomize function to output real-valued matrices (to accommodate missing values).
6.74 15 Jan 2005
  • Fixed bug in ucinet system file reader -- it affected newer procedures that were trying to read interger-type files created by equally new procedures (such as Erdos-Renyi graphs).
6.73 13 Jan 2005
  • Nothing worth reporting
6.72 05 Jan 2005
  • Cleaned up output of Transitivity program
  • Changed clustering coefficient program to operate on multiple relations in a file
  • Changed Import|Raw procedure to more accurately guess the dimensions of the input data
  • Fixed bug in Random|Erdos-Renyi procedure. When user selected multiple graphs, the program was constructing them cumulatively so that the density increased with each graph. Now they are separate and the density is identical for all graphs created.
  • Fixed bug in Krackhardt GTD routine. Previously, it was failing to output measures to a disk file.
6.71 26 Dec 2004
  • Added measures of clustering adequacy to Tools|Cluster|Cluster Adequacy. Used to judge whether a partition does a good job.
  • Fixed bug in Hierarchical Clustering program which caused E-I index to be calculated on a modified version of the proximity matrix (instead of the proximity matrix itself)
6.70 20 Dec 2004
  • Fixed bug in Reach Centrality procedure which caused incorrect values for the normalization of in-reach
  • Added ability to select number of decimals when exporting vectors to Pajek
6.69 12 Dec 2004
  • Fixed bug in Data|Import|Multiple Dl files that caused problems with filenames containing spaces and other punctuation
6.68b 12 Dec 2004
  • More finished version of 6.68
6.68 11 Dec 2004
  • Added two experimental routines that await serious testing: (a) Krackhardt's Graph Theoretic Dimensions (GTD) measures (Networks|Network Properties|Krack GTD), and (b) Reciprocity between groups procedure (Networks|Network Properties|Reciprocity)
6.67 4 Dec 2004
  • Added Erdos-Renyi random graph routine (Data|Random|Erdos-Renyi). It can create either directed or undirected graphs
6.66 1 Dec 2004
  • Replaced text editor with windows notepad
6.65 28 Nov 2004
  • Changed scatterplot facility so that user can drag points around in the map. The scatterplot procedure is used by the MDS programs and the Correspondence analysis program
  • Modified Import|VNA procedure to be more forgiving of errors in the data.
6.64 07 Nov 2004
  • Major bug in RECODE function which caused random wacky numbers has been fixed
  • Small but important bug in Tools|Similarities leading to slight inaccuracy in calculation of similarities between matrices has been fixed.
  • Data|Export|Excel and Data|Import|Excel can now handle multiple relations/worksheets
6.63 06 Nov 2004
  • Added Export to Excel in main menu. Note that multiple relations/sheets are not yet supported
  • Fixed bug in 'Subgraph from Partitions' which caused problems with 0/1 partitions.
  • Added info to About box so you can tell whether a copy is registered or not.
  • Browse button on Fragmentation now working
6.62 31 Oct 2004
  • Added ability to import VNA files (Data|Import|VNA). Only imports network and node attribute data -- node and tie properties are ignored.
6.61 29 Oct 2004
  • Added Fragmentation Potential metrics (drawn from KeyPlayer program) to Centrality menu
6.60 23 Oct 2004
  • Added "remove pendants" routine
  • Added "spherical distance" routine under Tools|Dissimilarities in order to compute distances from latitude and longitude data, such as obtained from GIS/GPS systems
  • Fixed bug in REGE which was converting all data with decimal places into integers
  • Fixed bug in hierarchical clustering which was preventing it from saving cluster id variable. Also renamed the cluster id dataset from "tabuclus" to "clusterid"
  • Changed starting cutoff value in dialogue box for "subgraphs from partitions" routine to 1 (was 3).
  • Fixed bug in Extract routine which prevented usage of datasets stored (by ucinet) in a new internal format
6.59 27 Jul 2004
  • Modified UNION procedure to allow option of putting missing values (instead of zeros) for the links between graphs. Also modified the way it handles node labels when "match by labels" is not selected.
6.56 5 Jul 2004
  • Fixed bug in the Data|Import|Multiple DL files procedure that didn't allow selection of several files at one time in the file browse facility
6.55 30 Jun 2004
  • Completed addition of default output folder -- now all routines except one's that don't make sense for it should send outputs to the designated output folder.
6.54 22 Jun 2004
  • Added default output folder -- if non-blank, most routines will now direct output to that folder.
  • Fixed bug in Recode dialog box causing an error message
6.51 25 May 2004
  • Fixed bug in reading Pajek net files that came in with version 6.37
  • Fixed bug in exporting dl files in nodelist2 format (was writing "nodelist1" instead of "nodelist2")
6.50 3 May 2004
  • Fixed bug in EdgeArray1 data reader (thanks to Kate Lawrence for pointing it out). The problem was that for data with labels embedded and alpha=yes (the default) the program sorting rows and columns of the data matrix in alphabetical order, but not actually changing the labels, so the wrong labels were attached to each node.
6.49 2 May 2004
  • Changed hierarchical clustering to allow printing sideways textual dendrogram
6.48 29 Apr 2004
  • Fixed bug in hierarchical cluster analysis -- since version 6.43 it was saving the partition file (PART) incorrectly, resulting in bad graphical dendrograms
6.47 22 Apr 2004
  • Fixed major bug introduced in version 6.44 (April 9th, 2004). The import procedure was incorrectly reading dl files using fullmatrix format in which row labels were not embedded.
6.46 17 Apr 2004
  • Added facility for creating new networks (or matrices in general) based on boolean combinations of old ones. E.g., create matrix Y so that Yij = 2 if Xij > 0 and Zij = 34, and Yij = 1 otherwise. It is under Transform|Matrix operations|between datasets|boolean combinations.
6.45 16 Apr 2004
  • Enabled column/row delete functions in matrix spreadsheet
6.44 9 Apr 2004
  • Fixed bug in IMPORT DL procedures causing first letter of row/column labels to be cut off when reading files using Fullmatrix format.
6.43 8 Apr 2004
  • Hierarchical clustering now runs on each matrix in a 3-way dataset. Also includes some additional diagnostic output.
6.42 7 Apr 2004
  • Metric MDS changed to accept datasets with multiple matrices -- it automaticaly does a scaling on each matrix in the dataset.
  • Correspondence analysis similarly changed.
6.41 5 Apr 2004
  • Fixed Remove Isolates to work with non-symmetric data and multiple relations
  • Changed Tools|Dissimilarities procedure to enable multiple relations and to permit computation of distances between relations. Also added Hamming distance measure.
6.40 4 Apr 2004
  • Union procedure added to the Transform menu. Use UNION to combine separate graphs into one larger graph -- taking the union of all nodes and lines.
6.39 21 Mar 2004
  • Fixed bug in Permute procedure
  • Added Remove Isolates procedure to Data menu. Provides one-step way to generate network with isolates removed.
  • Added Extract Main Component procedure to Data menu. Enables user to create a subgraph representing the main (weak) component of a network
6.38 13 Mar 2004
  • Added new output to Brokerage routine that shows, for each actor, who they are brokering between.
6.37 12 Mar 2004
  • Added ability to import Pajek 2-mode net files
  • Added ability select multiple files in the Transformation|Arithmetic|between datasets procedure, as well as the Data|Import|multiple dl files procedure
6.35 5 Mar 2004
  • Added additional QAP regression methods, including Dekker, Krackhardt and Snijders k-step semi-partialling method which is very slow but very accurate. For my money, though the fast ordinary semi-partialling is best choice because it is way faster and its only fault is being too conservative (doesn't reach significance often enough). But I'm sure Dekker, Krackhardt and Snijders would consider this a very irresponsible thing to say.
  • Overhauled dl import routines to handle embedded labels better (especially ones containing spaces)
  • Added multiple dl import routine to handle reading many files at once.
  • Added arithmetic transformation routines to Transform menu; now, things that in the past had to be done via matrix algebra, can be done via menu interface
  • Overhauled matrix algebra routine
  • Non-metric mds routine has been changed to run on all layers of a multi-matrix dataset. Also, the bug that prevented running on matrices greater than 255 rows or columns has been fixed.
  • Replaced the spreadsheet with a new one that is not limited to 255 columns. It can also do some limited transformations of the data.
  • Changed the output.log browser so that seeing large output takes less time. For example, running Data|Display on large datasets used to take forever. It is a bit faster now.
  • Added a spreadsheet-like matrix browser that is faster than the new spreadsheet for viewing large datasets in matrix form
  • Changed input format for Recode procedure to facilitate more complicated recoding procedures.
  • Adopted new installation procedure that is a little faster, a little simpler. Keyplayer is no longer included with UCINET installation.
6.29 22 Jul 2003
  • Changed output of geodesic distance procedure to suppress screen output for large datasets. Now processes a 5000 node dataset in 2 minutes. 
6.26 30 May 2003
  • Fixed bug in UCINET versions 6.04 discovered by Melissa A. Schilling in which degree centrality saves a centrality dataset that has the wrong labels. The numbers are right, and are in the original order, but the labels for the nodes are in the wrong order.
  • Fixed bug in line (edge) betweenness program, which was causing problems reading the output file
6.24 27 Apr 2003
  • Added BETA TEST version of new partialling approach to QAP regression. Seems to work fast and well.
  • Updated the version of KeyPlayer that is automatically installed with UCINET. Apparently, old version was missing a file.
6.23 3 Apr 2003
  • Changed default on line betweenness routine to not do Newman-Girvan hierarchical clustering automatically. See also changes in NetDraw.
6.21 30 Mar 2003
  • Modified edge betweenness procedure (Networks|Centrality|Betweenness|Lines) to automatically output hierarchical clustering of nodes obtained by successively deleting most central link and then recalculating
6.19 17 Mar 2003
  • F-Group procedure from UCINET 4 reinstated. No documentation as yet.
6.18 4 Mar 2003
  • Changed maximum flow & lambda set procedures to accommodate networks with more than 255 nodes. Now there is no limit. 
6.17 28 Feb 2003
  • Changed Factor Analysis routine to permit input of 1-mode association matrix (e.g., correlation matrix, co-occurrence matrix)
6.16 25 Jan 2003
  • Added Options|Helper Applications, which lets you tell ucinet where netdraw, pajek and mage are
  • default name for netdraw program is now netdraw1.exe
6.15 16 Dec 2002
  • nodelist and edgelist readers changed to allow names enclosed in quotes as in "John Smith" or "Smith, John Jr."
6.13 11 Dec 2002
  • Improved help file added. 
  • More recent version of Netdraw added that allows text attributes (e.g., gender can have values of "male" and "female" and "not clear").
6.12 7 Oct 2002
  • More speed improvement on reading nodelist and edgelist files.
  • Group centrality|Degree|Test routine fixed (was giving crazy answers and hanging up).
6.11 6 Oct 2002
  • Fast routines for reading nodelist and edgelist data files reinstated.
  • Button added to Data|Egonet routine that allows selection of the focal nodes by choosing node names from list.
6.10 5 Oct 2002
  • Reach centrality procedure changed to (a) eliminate eccentricity (it will be added back to the closeness procedure later), and add new distance-weighted reach measure


29 Sept 2002
  • Hamming distance reinstated in QAP correlation routine
  • Clustering coefficient output clarified
6.07 23 Sept 2002
  • New help files added
  • The Tools|Dissimilarities procedure was fixed. It had been ignoring one cell in all computations, resulting a dissimilarity score that was only approximate. Thanks to Jim Moody for pointing this out.
  • Continuous Core/Periphery routine altered so that its recommendation on where to cutoff the core is now based on the correlation criterion
  • Expected values from the continuous core/periphery routine have been fixed -- Previously, the rows and columns had been sorted according to coreness, but the row and column labels were not changed, resulting in incomprehensible numbers. Now, the matrix is presented unsorted.
6.04 3 Sept 2002
  • Centrality routines now sort output automatically in order of decreasing centrality
6.02 1 Sept 2002
  • Netdraw graph drawing routine added.
  • All routines that used to output a partition-by-actor vector or matrix now output an actor-by-partition matrix. This way, what are normally considered variables are always columns.
  • Help files updated to include new procedures. NOTE: Netdraw still has no documentation. It's coming. 
5.80 1 March 2002
  • Edge Betweenness program fixed to eliminate the "can't open scratch file" error. 
5.79 10 Feb 2002
  • Now able to launch both Mage and Pajek programs from within UCINET. 
  • Now able to import Pajek Net files
  • Experimental degree group centrality procedures added. One procedure allows you to find which individuals should be included in a proposed group such that they have ties to as many different individuals as possible. Another procedure accepts a priori grouping (such as a set of managers) and measures their degree group centrality along and provides a statistical test
  • Improved method of separating core from periphery when using the continuous core/periphery model, along with improved concentration measure.
  • Changed current directory display to a drop down menu so you can easily go back to previous folder
5.78 10 January 2002
  • Fixed bug in Attribute procedure which lost the labels of nodes.  
  • Improved optimization algorithms for structural equivalence and regular equivalence
  • Bi-component routine now outputs a vector indicating for each node whether it is a cutpoint or not
  • Components routine now outputs a vector indicating whether a node is in the main component or not
5.76 12 October 2002
  • Fixed bug in E-I index procedure which caused crash on some computers
  • Improved display of the "loglinear" autocorrelation procedure (which basically does crosstabs of ties)
5.74 15 September 2001
  • Includes new routine for exporting to the METIS program, which can cluster graphs with millions of nodes extremely quickly. 
  • Also includes a much faster betweenness centrality routine (relative to the one in versions 5.64 and earlier), using Ulrik Brandes' algorithm.
5.73 25 August 2001
  • Includes slightly improved routine for point-connectivity (# of node-independent paths between pairs of points). It is still very slow, though.
  • Fixes bug in DESCRIBE that prevented imported labels from being saved.
5.71 11 August 2001
  • Adds betweenness decomposition routine which iteratively removes nodes with zero betweenness, yielding a core group of nodes that are mutually interdependent.
5.70 9 August 2001
  • Edge betweenness routine, ala Anthonisse has been added. Even newer version of betweenness implemented, using Ulrik Brandes' ( algorithm. It works with both symmetric and non-symmetric data. 
  • New closeness routine added that calculates average length of all paths between two nodes, not just shortest paths. To be used with small graphs (< 100 nodes)
  • Bug fixed in MRQAP causing near infinite standardized coefficient when there were more than 32767 ordered pairs of nodes. 
  • Import>RAW routine improved to guess the number of rows and columns better when the entire dataset is in one row.
5.66 18 July 2001
  • Even newer version of betweenness implemented, using Ulrik Brandes' ( algorithm. It works with both symmetric and non-symmetric data. 
  • Closeness and geodesic distance routines have also been upgraded to run faster with sparse data (switched from dijkstra to bfs)
  • Mage export routine can now export 2-mode, rectangular datasets (as long as the number of points in the coordinates dataset equals the number of rows plus the number of columns in the 2-mode matrix
  • Scatter plot routines (include MDS and Correspondence analysis) now include menu option for increasing or decreasing size of label font
  • Mage export routine now allows you to skip the adjacency matrix and just input coordinates. 
5.66 6 July 2001
  • New version of betweenness implemented that typically runs around 3 times faster for typical graphs of about 1000 nodes. Algorithm courtesy of Mark Newman ( However, it only runs on symmetric data (undirected graphs).
5.64 8 May 2001
  • Bonacich Power routine modified to allow non-symmetric data. 
  • Right eigenvector routine added to matrix algebra procedure. To use, type REIGEN <filename>. Note this routine uses the power method and will only converge on a subset of matrices. 
  • Instability in the mrqap regression routine was eliminated. Again. 
5.60 7 April 2001
  • Ability to export files to Pajek and Mage was added
5.55 18 Jan 2001
  • Bug fixed in SORT: it wouldn't recognize lower case letters in the dimension prompt of the dialog box.
  • Instability in the qap regression routine was eliminated.
5.51 6 Dec 2000 Two major bugs fixed in this version. 
  • There was an error in the egonet>density routine in some versions of 5.4 (I think earlier versions are fine), producing random numbers instead of the calculated values.
  • There was a bug in the REGE routine so that all data containing decimal places were truncated. Numbers less than one but greater than zero were converted to 1s, and numbers greater than 1 were rounded to nearest integer. This bug goes back many years.
  • In addition, a new routine was added in the statistics menu, enabling users with krackhardt-style css data to test for significant differences in different aggregations of the data (for example, comparing the aggregate female matrix with the aggregate male matrix). No documentation is available yet.
  • Several minor fixes, including the default output name of the dichotomize procedure.
5.4 18 June, 2000
  • This version fixes a major design error in the density or anova-based categorical autocorrelation routine. In previous incarnations, the routine calculated r-square correctly, but the significance test was biased, yielding significance too often. The routine has been completely replaced and now calculates significance correctly. In addition, it gives additional informative output.
5.3 1 April 2000
  • Adds Gould and Fernandez brokerage measures.


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