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12/19. Final exam and term paper grades posted. 

12/19. Bonus points for Ray's experiment have been unposted, pending solution of question of whether to assign points individually or at the team level.

12/18. Grades on the final will be posted tomorrow and grades on the paper the day after. Thanks much to all those who filled out the network questionnaire, especially the "don't like" column, which I realize is not a particularly agreeable task. Based on a suggestion from a student, next time I teach the course I will present a pair of before and after pictures of the network at the end of the semester.

12/17. Bonus points for participating in Ray Luechtefeld's experiment have been posted. Teams that participated got 50 points. In addition, those that scored well (saved lots of money and made few errors) received proportionally more points. Congratulations to Prism and Midnite Vultures and especially the CEOs for excellent performances.

12/16. To answer another question floating around, the term papers are being graded first by your section's TA, then by a second TA. And I am spot checking the grading and resolving conflicts. 

12/16. Although originally planned to be cumulative, the final exam will not in fact be cumulative. This was something I decided and announced on the last day of class. The format will be multiple choice, and the style will be nearly identical to the midterm. Motivation, personality and gender/communication are covered pretty thoroughly, followed by action inquiry, negotiation, perception/attribution and decision-making heuristics. 

12/15.Having trouble with email -- if you've sent me something and haven't heard back, you know why. 

12/14. Had trouble with bonus points for Ray's lab experiment, so they are still not up. I hope to solve the problem this weekend.

12/7. The final paper will be graded by 2 TAs and spot-checked by Dr. Borgatti. One TA will be your section leader, and the other TA will be Eric. (For Eric's section, the other TA will be chosen at random). So hand in the final paper via email by midnight Dec 14th to your regular TA.

12/5. Negotiation and personality powerpoints are up too.

11/26. Kenny's Action Inquiry powerpoint presentation has been uploaded to the web. Click here.

11/25. Grades on the consulting project and personality paper have been posted. In the overall standings, Unity and Prism are virtually in a dead heat for 1st place, while Lovin' challenges GOAT for 3rd. SCRO-Team breaks 100. Detailed feedback on the projects, including grade, will be emailed to the listservs by Monday night. 

11/15. Description of the consulting project assignment has been updated to include clarified grading criteria, miscellaneous tips, and updated logistics. REMINDER: Attendance is required. If you can't make it for some reason, contact Dr. Borgatti in advance.

11/10. The presentations will be at 8pm Sunday 18th in Merkert 127. I would have liked to make them earlier but couldn't due to conflict with special faculty meeting.

11/9. A couple of links Kenny dug up for structuring a consulting project:

10/16. Wednesday's (tomorrow's) class exercise (team) requires reading textbook/handout on motivation. The exercise is described here

10/16. New link to personality test implemented. The old one had become a pay site.

10/15. Grades now posted for people who didn't have secret codes until Friday.  

10/12. Almost a third of the class (31%) got an A or A- on the midterm! 

10/12. MIDTERM results are posted. Team Lovin' and GOAT make their move! They join the ranks of the elite. But their brilliant leaps almost pale in comparison with the awesome performance of Unity, whose average grade on the exam was an astonishing 97%. Questions? see Emily, Eric or Kenny.

10/10. A midterm from a previous year.

10/9. Unity and Expletive Deleted score big on Communication paper! Unity overtakes Prism as class leader. Expletive vaults into 5th place! Questions? See Chet.

10/9. Visit this page if you are concerned about the Klingerman virus

10/7. Web sites graded (bonus points only). Prism pulling ahead in the standings. Questions? See Kenny.

10/4. Individual level grades for the 2nd quiz have been posted. See grades

10/4. Congratulations to the 12 people who got zero or one wrong on the quiz! And welcome back A-Team and Achievers to the scoreboard. Questions? See Eric.

10/4. I'm currently reviewing the grades on the Communication paper. My impression of the papers is that they are really good. People put a lot into them. 

10/1. CEOs, PRISM and Cohesion score big on the quiz, and are the overall leaders. SCRO-Team, however, remains the most consistent scorer (a reliable indicator of long-term success). Questions? see Emily.

9/29. For possibly offensive joke regarding WTC, click here.

9/28. The schedule was missing a link to the description of the consulting project; it has been restored. In addition, I took the opportunity to add some information on a past project.

9/28. The Analytic Tech server went down today and when it came back up, there were some problems (like the website wanted a password). I *think* it's fixed now. 

9/27. The schedule had Thanksgiving on the wrong week. This has been corrected. Note that the Sunday night before Thanksgiving we have a special class, which is the consulting project presentations. The day after, Monday, there is no class, so you have the entire week off.

9/27. A student asked for some software tools to help draw the network diagrams for the assignment due Friday. You do NOT have to use this (it may be too complicated). But if you want to try it, click here for full instructions. 

9/25. A FAQ sheet for the midterm has been posted. See the schedule. 

9/25. PRISM and SCRO-Team are the most consistent scorers so far, but the Vultures still have the lead.

9/24. An error was corrected in the description of Communication Assignment (it had omitted something important): make sure to read the new version!

9/23. Midnight Vultures make their debut in style! Check the standings for A of I bonus points. Your TAs will be mailing  your grades and comments directly to the team leaders.

9/23. PRISM scores again on Kevin Bacon, as do Lovin', A-Team and Octafirm.

9/22. Grades for Articles of Incorporation will be posted soon. The TAs are currently in the process of comparing grades with each other to ensure fairness across the whole class.

9/19. A Washington Post article on using network analysis to  defeat terrorism. I was interviewed for the article, but they didn't use any of my quotes!

9/18. Check out the new team websites!

9/17. Change in assignment: the Kevin Bacon assignment is now a team-level assignment: just one name is needed for each team.

9/15. Very intelligent article on Bush's (lack of) leadership.

9/14. PRISM, Team 10, and Team 7 clean up on WIS exercise! Click on team standings for details.

9/13. Please fill out the social network survey by midnight Saturday night September 15th. 

9/13. Interesting tribute to Americans.

9/12. Team assignments have been posted here. Let me know if any errors or changes. Teamless people have been assigned to groups. If your name is missing, let me know! [NOTE: if team assignments don't look changed, try pressing Refresh/Reload button on your browser]

9/12. Teams need to get together before Friday to work out their strategy for the WiS contest.

9/12. Team assignments and related information will be posted around 10pm.

9/11. The Academic Vice President's Office announced that there
will be classes tomorrow September 12th.

9/11. Is it a coincidence that today's date, written american style, is 911? 

9/11. Two articles on terrorism/security and relation to organizational structure are here and here. ABC just showed video of palestinians on the west bank celebrating the attack. Nice people. Women wearing traditional veils were jumping up and down pumping their fists.

9/11. Schedule change. In light of recent events, the Articles of Incorporation will not be due until Monday the 17th at midnight. Click here for example. Be well.

9/10. New assignments to sections have been posted. Now, there's too many people in Eric's section. Here's what we will do: as soon as you have formed your teams, email me the list of your members and then give me your two top choices for TA. I will then allocate teams to sections so as to maximize your preferences while simultaneously maintaining approximately equal sizes for the sections. So e-mail me your team info and top 2 section choices ASAP (even if there is still some uncertainty about one or two members).

9/10. Reminder: the Articles of Incorporation are due on Friday at midnight via email. It's a team assignment. (Note: the web site doesn't have to be done by then -- can wait until Monday for that).

9/10. I'm back. Error found in link to listserv instructions (now fixed). You should have subscribed to one of these listservs: mb022a, mb022b, mb022c, and mb022d. Not mb021.

9/6. Dr. Borgatti is out of town, but is responding to e-mail. If your name is NOT on the list for a section and team, you can go to any section Friday (9/7). 

Remember, go to your SECTIONS on Friday, not Merkert.

9/1. Initial section & team assignments are here. Also available on students: background data and contact info.

7/6. This website is under construction. Not all the assignments are in the schedule yet.  Also, a few things from last year are still here, just to give you an idea of how things will go.